FanDuel blames glitch after not paying out winning bets

A man from Newark says he's been cheated out of a winning bet worth $82,000, and after his story aired on News 12, another gambler says the same thing happened to him when he placed the same bet online.
The entire issue boils down to 18 seconds in which the FanDuel Sportsbook says the wrong odds were posted during the Raiders vs. Broncos NFL game Sunday afternoon.
Childhood friends Mike Guerriero and Chris Calcano were shocked Sunday night when the bet they made online earned them a $56,000 payout.
In a screenshot, you can even see the money, with the taxes already taken out, was added to their account. 
But by Monday, all that money was gone, and in place of the $56,000 was less than $20.
The online sports book blames the takeback on a glitch, saying the bet at those odds should never have been available on the site.
In their statement, they said, “A small number of bets were made at the erroneous price over an 18-second period. We honored all such bets on the Broncos to win the game at the accurate market price in accordance with our house rules and industry practice, which specifically addresses such obvious pricing errors. We have reached out to all impacted customers and apologized for the error."
In other words, over an 18-second period during the Raiders vs. Broncos game, the wrong odds were posted and therefore, FanDuel is not paying out.
The New Jersey Division of Gaming is investigating.