Family: Woman in deadly Newark shooting had restraining order

The family of a woman shot and killed in Newark Tuesday morning says that the victim had a restraining order against the man accused of pulling the trigger.
Tiffany Wilson, 28, was shot on the 100 block of Scheerer Avenue in Newark around 8 a.m. She was taken to University Hospital and pronounced dead.
Wilson’s family says that she had a restraining order against Kareem Dawson, the man accused of killing her. Wilson and Dawson had previously been in a relationship and had children together.
The family says that Wilson had recently left a women’s shelter and moved to a new neighborhood in the hopes that Dawson would not be able find her and the children.
Dawson was already facing an assault charge for allegedly assaulting Wilson outside a Maplewood day care center in December 2017 when Wilson was dropping off their son.
Wilson’s family say that Dawson should not have been let out of jail after that incident.
“They let him go,” says Timothy Wilson, the victim’s cousin. “He had a gun. He tried to kidnap the kids with witnesses."
Authorities say that after Tuesday’s shooting Dawson led police on a chase into Summit. He allegedly shot himself when cornered by police but survived.
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka issued a statement shortly after the shooting.
“What happened this morning is a sobering example of why the flaws in bail reform must be fixed. We can't go on losing lives like this,” the mayor said.
Mayor Baraka lost his own sister to domestic violence. He has called on state legislators, police officials, prosecutors and judges to work toward a review of the bail reform program. Bail reform was touted as a way to prevent those accused of nonviolent crimes from languishing in jail if they were unable to afford bail.
Dawson is being treated at the Morristown Medical Center. He now faces murder charges.
The Essex County Prosecutor’s office plans to release more information about the case Wednesday.