Family of NJ detective killed in Jersey City planning memorial bench in his honor

The family of a New Jersey detective killed by two attackers in Jersey City are planning to create a memorial in his honor.
It’s been over a year since Det. Joseph Seals was killed near Bayview Cemetery, and the Seals family is ensuring that his memory lives on.
They plan to place a memorial bench for Det. Seals at 16th Street Park in Bayonne.
Det. Seals’ sister ToniAnn Seals says that her brother often took her to the park to go fishing or bike riding.
The family also tells News 12 that city leaders plan to change the name of the park to honor Det. Seals.
On Dec. 10, the married father of five was shot in Bayview Cemetery while on duty after encountering two suspects who then drove to JC Kosher Supermarket in Jersey City and killed three people inside before dying in a lengthy shootout with police. Seals was 40 years old at the time, with nearly two decades of service in law enforcement.
His sister ToniAnn says the memorial bench will placed in the park where everyone can see it and use it to remember the brother who meant so much to her.
"I really did look up to him and I continue to look up to him. People were coming up to us when all this was happening and just telling us what impact he made, and he clearly wasn't a bragger because we didn't know about half of that. Like, he just really took all of these accomplishments and held them and just really made a big difference," ToniAnn says.
Seals' surviving family is currently fundraising, with a goal of raising $2,000. So, far they’ve been able to raise nearly $1,000.
ToniAnn says she expects there to be a ceremony to honor her brother with the installation of the bench later this spring or summer.