Family, activists call for change 4 years after Eric Garner's death

Four years following the death of Eric Garner, his mother and activists gathered Sunday at a church in Elizabeth to remember his life and rally for change.
The Mothers of the Movement event was held at New Hope Baptist Church, not far from where Garner is buried, and it was attended by women whose sons were killed during encounters with police. Garner died after being put in a a chokehold by an officer on Staten Island.
"It's the fourth year anniversary of my son is no longer with me, and I still haven't got justice," says Garner's mother, Gwen Carr. "Just like the rest of my sisters, they haven't gotten justice. They play political games with us."
On Friday, the NYPD revealed internal charges have been filed against several officers in Garner's case. The Civilian Complaint Review Board will prosecute Officer Daniel Pantaleo on charges of using a banned chokehold.
But that isn't enough for the mothers or the parishioners. They say they want an indictment, and they want their voices heard.
Following the service, the mothers held a vigil at the grave of Eric Garner and his daughter, Erica, who died last year at the age of 27. Both Garners are buried in a cemetery in Linden.