Families forced flee Hurricane Maria reunited with pets

Families who were forced to leave their pets in Puerto Rico and come to the mainland after Hurricane Maria had a joyful reunion Sunday.
The reunion was thanks to St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison.
Heather Cammisa, of St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center, said there were many reasons families were forced to leave their pets behind.
"There's been a range of factors... their homes are destroyed, they ask their families to keep their pets because they literally couldn't bring them on the planes with them. There were restrictions," she says.  
The dozens of dogs and cats arrived at Morristown Airport Saturday morning from San Juan before being transported to the shelter. It was one of many pet deliveries from the island since the hurricane.
"I believe after this weekend there will be a total of 91 animals that have come over.  The goal of the initiative is over 1,000 animals over the next six months," says Cammisa.
The journeys for many of the pets don't end in New Jersey. St. Hubert's will be flying and driving out pets to their families all over the country.