Facebook party poking fun at Walmart self-checkout turns into massive toy drive in Lacey Township

What began as a Facebook party invite goof for “self-checkout" Walmart customers has grown into a massive toy drive in Lacey Township.
The local Elks chapter jumped on the opportunity to help one of their members who created the fake party – and plays host to the drop-off location of what could be thousands of toys.
With the sarcastic tagline, "Celebrating another successful year of picking, paying, and bagging your own groceries while actual employees just stand around and check receipts,” the Walmart Self-Checkout Employee Party invite was born.
“Since I was doing more work than the employees that day, I would host a self-checkout party for all of my fellow colleagues who walk in and out of there every day,” said Drew Delgado, the creator of the Facebook party invite and a Lacey Elks member.
With interests topping 40,000 and 8,000 RSVPs, Delgado says he knew at that point he could take the ridiculous to the sublime. He changed the party to a holiday toy drive and asked his fellow Elks if they’d lend a hand.
“Our parking lot here at the Lacey Elks is pretty good size, why don’t we just have it here? What can we do because that’s what we are all about – helping people,” said Mark Niro, an Elks member who helped organize the toy drive.
Walmart has taken the publicity in good fun, even though logistically it would be impossible to hold a party or even a toy drive in their busy parking lot this time of year. They decided to throw in a truckload of toys to add to Delgado and the Elks’ donations.
“This joke has just turned into something wonderful, and it’s not really about the recognition of Drew or myself or any other leadership here, it’s about giving back to our community not only during the holiday season but any time of the year,” said Michael Zummo, the exalted ruler of the Lacey Elks.
“Social media is a very powerful tool. I know there’s a lot of negative effects on people but when you use it in a good way your pebble can really make a splash just by doing the right thing,” added Delgado.
Toys and pet supplies can be dropped off at the Lacey Elks on 900 Beach Blvd. in Lacey Township from 6:30 p.m. through 9:30 p.m.