Explore the dense and diverse forest of Hunter Island in the Bronx

In this week's Road Trip: Close to Home, News 12 is heading on a hike to Hunter Island in the Bronx.
Hunter island is a diverse forest in Pelham Bay Park that's a marine zoology and geology sanctuary.
Ready for an adventure? Head to the parking lot at Orchard Beach, hop on the Kazimiroff nature trail and choose either the red or longer blue path to see a variety of wildlife, boulders, plants and trees on ever-changing terrain.
Through the dense forest, vista points show the coastline of the Long Island Sound. Salt marshes, wetlands and lagoons surround the area that have deep historical roots.
The name Hunter Island comes from the man who bought the island, John Hunter, and built his estate on it along with a couple of farms. When hikers are about halfway through the trail, they can see parts of John Hunger's estate.
Visitors can explore the area on a self-guided tour by following trail markers on Hunter Island, as well as on attached twin island.