Esports competition comes to Newark with LCS Championship 2023: League of Legends

About 15,000 fans are expected to attend as three professional esports teams compete.

Matt Trapani and Karina Gerry

Aug 18, 2023, 11:00 PM

Updated 301 days ago


Gamers will be taking over the Prudential Center in Newark this weekend.
Esports competition LCS Championship 2023: League of Legends will take place Saturday and Sunday. Thousands of people are expected to attend. A $250,000 prize is up for grabs.
A fan fest celebration will also be held to celebrate the end of the League of Legends professional season. LCS Fan Fest will stretch from Mulberry Street to Championship Plaza outside the Prudential Center. Gamers will be able to flex their skills with over 100 computers available to play.
Esports commentator Steve Kangas will serve as the “hype man” for the competition.
“I’m the hype man running around the arena getting people to do the wave, team chants kind of just like energy,” Kangas says.
“League of Legends” is a popular online video game created by Riot Games. It is also one of the largest esports, with competitions worldwide.
Kangas says that even those who may be skeptical about professional gaming should come check out the competition.
“For people who are kind of confused between the difference between a traditional sport and esports - you don't have to play football to watch football and enjoy watching football. Same thing, right? You can get a ticket and come watch the show and enjoy watching people play, because you’re still in the energy. You’re still watching the gameplay,” Kangas says.
The “League of Legends” teams from the esports organizations Cloud 9, NRG and Team Liquid will be competing in the tournament.
“These are the best people in our country up there playing the game against each other. It's still a really niche thing, but it’s super fun and honestly if you can, you should check out the show for that reason because it’s a very unique experience,” says Kangas.
About 15,000 fans are expected to attend.
More information about tickets and the fan fest can be found HERE.

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