Employees affected by Chatham Sandwich Shop fire get boost through fundraiser

The community of Chatham is coming together to help some sandwich shop employees who are out of work while their place of work is rebuilt.
Earlier this week the Chatham Sandwich Shop -- passed on from generations in the town -- was destroyed in a fire. It's believed the fire started from a deeper fryer and destroyed the business which has been around for four decades.
The blaze also did damage to the adjacent floral shop and salon. It's unclear as to when these businesses will reopen.
A GoFundMe page setup has been set up by former Chatham Sandwich Shop employee Maire Frances which has already raised over $33,000. The money is exclusively going to employees who are now jobless.
"They had a great sense of like family even though it even though it was a place of work,” said Frances Psomas-Jackloski, who resides in Chatham. “I felt like I was walking into a family home almost and we just happen to be a business."