Elected officials push for guardrails along stretch of Belt Parkway

Elected officials in Brooklyn are calling on the Department of Transportation to install a guardrail along a portion of the Belt Parkway.
Officials say the stretch along the Belt Parkway between exits 4 and 5 is vulnerable to drunk or reckless drivers, and even terrorists. They say there's a long stretch of pedestrian walkway nearby and no guardrail.
That's why Rep. Max Rose and Councilmember Justin Brannan teamed up to call on the DOT to install a guardrail.
Brannan first brought the issue up two years ago, but was told the design phase wouldn't be complete until 2020. That means construction wouldn't begin until 2021, and Rose says that's unacceptable.
The guardrail that Rose and Brannan want installed would be a mile in length and would protect pedestrians, cyclists and pets.