East End: Junda's Pastries in Jamesport

The long dreary winter has just begun, and we're still dealing with a worldwide pandemic, so News 12 Long Island's Doug Geed visited a Jamesport bakery that specializes in comfort food.
Chris Junda has come a long way since the days of selling pies from the front of his house. Now, his Eastern European style bakery, inside what is said to be the oldest private residence in Jamesport, draws people from around Long Island, the metro area and beyond.
Junda's Pastries offers pastries, strudel, and a wide variety of pies.
Most of what's made at the bakery comes from family recipes. And Junda will tell you family and tradition are the figurative ingredients in all he bakes.
"I feel like a lot of the people come into the bakery, they come for the comfort foods. The people who come in, they just want a little taste of something. It puts a smile on their face," says Junda.