East Brunswick HS to be closed this week due to burst water line

Classes at the school are expected to be remote through Friday.

Eliecer Marte

Oct 31, 2023, 12:22 AM

Updated 227 days ago


East Brunswick High School parents are asking the superintendent of schools for a plan beyond virtual learning after the school was shut down last Wednesday amid a water main break.
“One of the backup plans is to see what other operational things we can do in the building. Reroute water lines to bring the building back to operational status,” Superintendent Victor Valeski said during a meeting Monday night.
Valeski said he is hoping to resume in-person learning as soon as possible while repairs are underway.  But for some parents, virtual learning is a major challenge.
“It is a big deal. This virtual learning is a huge problem for my daughter,” said one of the parents. “What’s the Plan B if Plan A doesn’t work to get our kids back in school? If it’s not this week, what happens next?”
“If we can get them back into the school, I think the impact of going remote will be minimized, honestly. I never expected or wished to go remote after the pandemic,” Valeski told News 12.
Oil was also found on top of the water. They can't confirm just yet where it exactly came from.
“That soil will be removed and disposed of off-site. The pit will be re-filled with clean soil from another source,” said Bernardo Giulian, assistant superintendent of schools.
Valeski highlighted that that the safety of the students and staff is the top priority, and that there are no signs of any potential structural damage to the high school.
“We really don’t have another facility the size of East Brunswick High School where we can take the children to, or have students set up for learning in other facility,” Valeski said.
Valeski told parents that he will have a status update on Wednesday and plans for what comes next.

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