DWI checkpoints established along Jersey Shore for weekend

Police have set up DWI checkpoints along the Jersey Shore this weekend.
A pair of those checkpoints are located in Monmouth County starting Friday night.
Allenhurst Police Chief Michael Schneider says that the checkpoints will have a positive impact even if no arrests are made.
“When we set up a checkpoint and nobody gets arrested, we are still satisfied,” he said. “Just by setting up that physical checkpoint, you are showing all the drivers that Monmouth County takes DWI seriously.”
At least two checkpoints are set up around the beach towns in Monmouth County each weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to Schneider.
Despite the availability of rideshare options, data shows an increased number of arrests during the summer of 2022.
“We do see a lot of ridesharing vehicles coming through, we do see a lot of taxi cabs coming through. There are incidents where the rideshare driver or taxicab driver is arrested for DWI,” he said.
Drivers who find themselves at the checkpoint will be given a flyer or brochure on DWI awareness. Specially trained officers will also be present to detect impairment from marijuana.
“We have to make sure the driver is showing signs of impairment. If they do show signs, we go through that stop the same way we do it for alcohol,” said Schneider.
Schneider said traffic will be directed into one of the shopping plazas for the stops. If the backup becomes too much, they will open up the road for a short time and then resume the checkpoint.