Dr. Elisa English from Counseling in Schools gives tips to talk to children about Texas tragedy

At least 19 children and two adults were killed in a shooting at an elementary school in Texas. Police in Texas also say that the gunman is dead, and they do believe he acted alone.
Video shows parents running toward Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The state's governor says it is believed the shooter was killed by responding officers.
Dr. Elisa English, from Counseling in Schools, says it's important to look out for any changes in behavior, like eating or talking less in children should the topic of gun violence be asked.
"You can put these types of incidents in context, right, like it's not happening every day, that there are instances where these things happen, it's pretty rare, thankfully. And you're doing things to ensure their safety in the homes like locking the doors, that the school will be monitoring them on the playground, that there's people who are going to be watching out for them,” Dr. English says.
President Joe Biden spoke Tuesday night saying, "Beautiful, innocent, second, third, fourth graders. And how many scores of little children who witnessed what happened. To see their friends die as if they're on a battlefield for God's sake."