Long Islanders told to avoid travel during weekend nor'easter

Officials are urging Long Islanders to avoid travel Saturday as heavy snow and blizzard conditions are expected.
Gov. Kathy Hochul is encouraging everyone to stay off the roads once the snow starts.
"Otherwise you are complicating life for those who are out there trying to make your life easier," Hochul says.
New York is deploying extra trucks and workers to keep people on Long Island safe.
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone says this could be one of the more significant storms in a few years.
"There is no reason to be out on the roads on Saturday as this storm is hitting," Bellone says. "We are expecting blind-out conditions, during the overnight hours, this is going to be very difficult for the plow operators who are working out there."
Some Long Islanders tell News 12 they are planning to heed officials' advice for this storm.
"We're planning to stay put tomorrow," says Mattituck resident Dave Leis. "And then we'll see how they are on Sunday."
On the expressways and highways, there will be an advisory of going 45 mph for cars and trucks will be asked to stay in the right lane only.
Officials say they have snow-fighting trains and tow trucks on standby to restore service as quickly as possible