Don’t be a statistic! Check out these Fourth of July fireworks safety tips

News 12’s Amanda Eustice spoke to Backyard Heroes Fireworks to learn more about how to enjoy fireworks safely.

Amanda Eustice

Jun 30, 2024, 4:44 PM

Updated 18 days ago


Shopping carts are filling up at Backyard Heros Fireworks in Springfield as many are getting ready to celebrate all things red, white and blue.
"I think people know from years past – if you wait until the Fourth of July or the days surrounding, it gets pretty busy at the store," said co-owner Patrick Cyrana.
Fireworks were legalized in New Jersey in 2017. Cyrana says one of the many questions he gets is what fireworks are legal in the state.
"So, sparkles and fountains. Anything that stays on the ground and is ground based is legal,” he said. “If you look at the warning label or the caution label on every firework, if it says caution, that is a good indicator that it is going to be legal in New Jersey. If it says warning that means it's probably not going to be legal."
But firework stores aren't the only ones busy this time of year – so are fire departments. Chief Ed Mullen, at the Perth Amboy Fire Department, says they're already responded to several firework-related calls.
"We did respond to a call that was potentially due to a firework that was disposed of improperly. in a garbage can with combustibles that unfortunately totaled someone's car and some of their property," said Chief Ed Mullen.
He says anyone planning to set off fireworks should have a have a water source nearby to douse them.
The department showed News 12 the damage a sparkler can do to someone's skin, by using a piece of chicken.
"That's a well-done piece of chicken... It only takes a few moments for a sparkler to cause a severe third-degree burn injury," said Chief Mullen.
The chief suggests giving glow sticks to children instead.

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