Dog rescued from cage in the ocean looking for new home

A dog rescued from a cage left at the ocean’s edge is looking for a new home.
Good Samaritan Jennifer Vaz rescued the dog, now named River, when her own dog Molly spotted the other dog inside the cage. Officials say that due to the tide schedule, River would have quickly drowned if Vaz hadn’t come along.
Vaz expressed interest in adopting River and was fostering him for a time. But she says that she has to give up the dog.
“Molly has not been transitioning well with River in our home,” Vaz posted on Facebook. “Molly stopped eating and drinking [and] she refused to participate with the family.”
Vaz says that after consulting with her family, the SPCA and her veterinarian, she decided it would be best for her dog Molly to give River back to the Monmouth County SPCA.
The money Vaz collected in a GoFundMe fundraiser will be given to River’s new family. She says that all of River’s donated toys and food were given back to the shelter.
River’s previous owner, 36-year-old Aaron Davis, is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly leaving the dog to drown. He was ordered to remain in jail until his trial.