Divorced NJ woman to donate wedding band, engagement ring to couple in need

A New Jersey woman who got divorced last year is donating her wedding band and diamond engagement ring to couples struggling during the pandemic.
Christine Bonavita posted on Facebook that she would be giving her rings away, and her ex-husband added his wedding band to the offer. The rings are worth a total of $7,000.
“I wasn’t sure if I would even get any response,” Bonavita says. “And to be totally honest, the first comment I got was, 'No one wants your cursed rings.'”
However, since then, Bonavita has received more than a thousand responses from couples who had survived illness, house fires, joblessness, disabilities and even mass shootings.
The couple say they are hoping for Bonavita’s rings to wear as a symbol of the love that got them through.
“Every story touches me in its own way,” Bonavita.
Bonavita will decide which couple will get the wedding rings on Valentine’s Day. Bonavita has also received several requests of people wanting to give away their own unused wedding and engagement rings.
She says she plans to set up a post office box to give those rings to the people who have written to her.