Displaced dogs from earthquake-stricken Puerto Rico heading to NJ

New Jersey is lending a helping "paw" and giving many displaced dogs from Puerto Rico a new home.
Forty rescue dogs made their way to the Garden State on an eight-hour, 2,000-mile flight from Puerto Rico.
Many of the dogs come from earthquake-stricken areas in Puerto Rico. Many of them don't have a home, but they're coming to New Jersey with hopes of changing that.
Puerto Rico has been rocked by a series of earthquakes over the last month, causing serious damage to the island's infrastructure, buildings and homes.
While many people are left picking up the pieces, some animals are abandoned and lost. According to information by the Sato Project, there are nearly a half a million stray dogs in Puerto Rico, with many municipal animal shelters posting a 90% kill rate.
As part of a collaboration between the Sato Project and Wings of Rescue, the dogs are brought to New Jersey and other places in the Northeast - giving them a chance to find a good home and making room for more animals at shelters in Puerto Rico.
The dogs will be taken to local shelters for a checkup and will be ready for adoption in the next week.
Many of the dogs will be available at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison.
According to the Sato Project, the average price of rescuing a dog from Puerto Rico and transporting them to New Jersey is about $1,500 in donations.