Deep Dive: What is causing the cost of Thanksgiving dinner to increase?

Inflation is causing the cost of a Thanksgiving meal to rise. Here is a deeper dive into what items are causing the increase.   
From a year ago, prices are up 5.3%. The key components of the Thanksgiving meal are poultry, meat, and eggs. Those items are up 11.9%, so what exactly does that mean?  
Thanksgiving in the northeast is going to cost us about 3.46 cents more than last year.  
Frozen turkey prices are up about 21.6%. Cranberry prices are also a lot higher than last year, but in the northeast there are some discounts because of where we grow things. 
At least pumpkins and sweet corn deals are cheaper this year and can bring down the cost slightly.  
According to News 12 viewers, 83% say they are not changing their plans even with rising costs.