Deep Dive: Is offering flexible hours key to finding a good employee?

While many are in search of employment that fits their personal needs such as working remote, child care, and flexible hours, the same can be said for employers who are doing the interviewing. 
Business owners and managers in Highland Park say they see that need in prospective candidates every day.  
Annmarie Marron has owned The Loft Salon in Highland Park for 13 years and says offering flexible hours is now the key to finding a good employee.  
“Instead of just opening our designated hours because people have child care issues to be able to accommodate them, we need extra hours or working different days than we normally would,” Marron says.  
Jarrad McClary, owner of a local bicycle shop just across Route 27, says employees have all the business they can handle after a huge demand for outdoor products because of the pandemic, but offering a remote option is not an option.   
“Not enough people to go around, I know in my industry we had a heck of a stress load because of the pandemic,” says McClary.  
Like McClary, a business such as Pino’s can offer flexible hours, which can help with child care issues but unfortunately, it’s not enough hours to find a solid employee.  
“We have a small crew but then coverage, we need somebody to work one day a week, and nobody wants to work one day a week,” says Siobhan Commerford.   
Marron says offering flexibility for hours, child care issues and remote learning is a key to success if possible.