Deep Dive: How much have gas prices increased over the past year? Here’s a look.

With the sanctions on Russia, gas prices could be impacted, something President Joe Biden is trying to limit. In this week's Deep Dive, News 12's Kristie Reeter takes a look at the increases we have already been dealing with.
In a News 12 poll, New Jersey residents were asked how they save money when it comes to filling up their car. In New Jersey, 45% say they keep up maintenance, making sure their car runs properly to get the maximum fuel efficiency.
Caleb Silver with Investopedia shows us just how much they have increased over the past year.
“I think everybody is feeling the shock, and in New Jersey in the Mid-Atlantic region, as the energy administration calls it, gas prices are about $3.67 on average. The national average is about $3.53, but just a year ago, gas prices were about $2.63. So, you are paying about 30% more and you are feeling it every time you fill up, and that is probably going to be with us for a while,” says Silver.
Mobility is impacted due to gas prices, and people may be changing up their commutes. So, what are we seeing with the number of people traveling?
“Well, we were already traveling less because of the pandemic and less commuting in and out to work, but we are seeing that even more in just the past couple of weeks,” says Silver. “So, when we look across the major counties in New Jersey, Monmouth County mobility is down 14.2%, in Bergen County down 15.5%, Hudson County down 17.3%, and Morris County down 19.8%. So, a lot a lack of mobility, maybe due to some of these higher gas prices, but in general we are not driving around as much as we used to."