Deep Dive: How do you dine out in New Jersey? Residents share their thoughts

Restaurants in New Jersey are seeing more diners, and News 12’s Tony Caputo has your opinions on how you plan time out for dining these days.  
“Just show up,” says Karl Mathews, of Metuchen. “Yeah, yeah, no issues and mostly no masks so, it’s good.”
As pandemic mandates are lifted and more restaurants are operating as they did in the past, what approach are you taking to not only support them, but make sure you get a table? 
“It all depends,” says Timothy Brown, of Highstown. “If I’m on a date, of course I’m going to make reservations. If I’m just going out to eat with friends, we just show up.”
Bhupinder Dhesi, of Burlington, says his bottom line is for us to simply support local restaurants now more than ever. But he’s always going to call them first. 
“You don’t know who’s busy or what kind of you know situation they are in so call ahead of time and they will be very happy and go there, enjoy it,” says Dhesi.