Deep Dive: Has the pandemic affected how you use public transportation? We asked commuters

Many of residents have made drastic changes in their lives since the start of the pandemic, including how they use public transportation, and News 12 recently asked some commuters in Newark if they’ve been using public transportation more or less since the start of the pandemic.  
“I use it less,” says Carol Beraldo, of Harrison. “Actually, I purchased a car because I used to use the public transportation to go to work in New York and I was living here, but now I just have my own car.”
She’s not alone. One educator says her mass transit days slowed considerably once the pandemic began.  
“Well, I’m using it less because I am a professor and I’m teaching from home,” says Ruth Lugo, of Newark. “I teach in Manhattan, so I used to take the PATH every day to go and teach and now I’m running errands, so I took the bus. Usually in Newark, I walk. I walk.” 
But there are some who, regardless of the number of issues around us, say they still need to get from point A to point B. 
“It’s about the same,” says Kenneth Smith, of Newark. “I go to Scotch Plains, that’s where I work so it’s about the same.”
Seventy-four percent of people who voted in a recent News 12 Twitter poll say they’re not using mass transit at all these days.