Deep Dive: Business owner believes Omicron variant not stopping residents from dining out

With so many restaurants struggling to stay afloat, News 12 New Jersey’s Tony Caputo spoke with a business owner in Monmouth County who believes New Jersey residents are not letting the Omicron variant stop them from dining out. 
“I told you this before and I’m going to stick to my guns: I think people are just over it and I don’t think there’s really anything to fear about it anymore,” says Camryn Monteforte, owner of MeeMom’s in Wall. “I mean if you’re vaccinated and boosted, live your life man, what else can you do.”
Monteforte owns MeeMom’s in Wall, as well as Middletown and Brick. He says his business continues to thrive, even though the Omicron variant may be keeping some home instead of dining out.  
“We have a pretty loyal family fanbase,” says Monteforte. “I guess you can say, and they’ve been supportive through this entire thing so we haven’t really seen much change.”
Monteforte says with all due respect to those affected in one way or another by the coronavirus, which includes himself, New Jersey residents just want to live their lives, even if masks and vaccines are now part of the deal.  
“We are stubborn as hell here let’s be honest it’s part of our language,” says Monteforte. “We’re going to get the job done we’re going to do what we want to do and that’s just how it is, so I think everyone like I said before, I think we’re over it and it’s time to move on.”