Deep Dive: A push to get more teens vaccinated. Is the effort working?

There's a big push to get more teens vaccinated with school being back in session - but is the effort working?
In this week's Deep Dive, News 12 is checking in with the team at Investopedia to get the latest on teen vaccination rates in New Jersey.
Caleb Silver is answering the question of where things stand this month, because last month, New Jersey was lagging all the tri-state area in terms of vaccination rates in teens.
“It continues to do so, thought the numbers are improving albeit slightly, but when we look county to county we see a lot of discrepancies,” says Silver. “Take Morris County for example with 54.9% of teens having been vaccinated against Bergen County 60.2% of teens have been vaccinated there. Hudson County 64.4% of the teens vaccinated there, but in Monmouth County trailing all major counties only 38% of teens have been vaccinated in Monmouth County."
News 12 also asked the question if the numbers are showing more teens getting vaccinated than adults?
"Well we are seeing two different patterns happen throughout the major counties in New Jersey, for example in Hudson County, you saw 5% increase in teens being vaccinated since Labor Day. But compare that to Morris County where vaccination rates for teens and adults are moving pretty slowly right now and there is a big split between adults being vaccinated compared to teens being vaccinated in some of the other major counties as well,” says Silver.