Deep Dive: 6.1% increase in pre-pandemic levels of retail and recreational travel in Monmouth County

On Deep Dive this week, News 12 is looking at the latest recreational and retail travel traffic patterns in New Jersey.
In New Jersey, traffic patterns have slowed considerably from just six to seven weeks ago.
In Monmouth County, there is a 6.1% increase in pre-pandemic levels of people moving around to retail and recreational travel, while Bergen County is down 7.6%.
Morris and Hudson counties have the steepest drops at 11.6% and 12.1% respectively, so it really varies by county throughout the state where you live.
Also, gas prices are higher everywhere you look and in every state around the country.
In New Jersey,  the average is around $3.19, which is a little higher than the national average.
Last year, it was $2.24 in the same period, which is a steep climb from the previous year.