Dec. 27 marks National Fruitcake Day

Dec. 27 has been dubbed National Fruitcake Day.
A recent poll found that only 11 percent of Americans claim to like the Christmas dessert.
Bakers at La Bonbonniere bakery in Edison say that they make about 150 loaves of fruitcake every year.
Fruitcake is a cake made with candied or dried fruits, nuts and spices. It is sometimes soaked in liquor. It dates back to the middle ages.
“Because of the alcohol and the amount of sugar in it, it makes it last longer,” says La Bonbonniere production manager Bobby Gomez. “The longest known one was over 100 years old, eaten by Jay Leno, and according to him he liked it. We don't keep ours quite that long."
La Bonbonniere only keeps fruitcake in stuck around the holidays.
Only 5 percent of American say that they make their own fruitcake.