Daughter donates part of liver to save her mother

A Long Island family has much to be thankful for this holiday thanks to a lifesaving donation.
Tillina Musmacker, 36, donated part of her liver last month to save her mother Angelina's life. It all started five years ago when the 71-year-old was diagnosed with cirrhosis, despite never drinking.
Musmacker says things suddenly took a turn for the worst and doctors told Angelina she would need a liver transplant.
"The minute they said that to her I looked at her and said, 'I'm doing the transplant,' and she's like, 'No you're not,' and I said, 'Yes I am,'" says Musmacker.
After doctors determined that Musmacker was a match, she underwent an eight-hour surgery. Her mom received 70 percent of her liver.
"She asks me every day if they gave me 70 percent of your liver you're only living with 30 percent," says Musmacker. "And I'm like, 'Ma my liver started growing back right after surgery, probably when they were pushing me to recovery it was starting to grow back already.'"
Angelina was just released two weeks ago from the hospital.
"I'm feeling better, but it's a long road," says Angelina.
Musmacker says she tells her mom all the time that she would do it all over again.