Data suggests no widespread safety issue with bus company involved in Tuesday’s fatal crash on NJ Turnpike

The bus company involved in Tuesday’s crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed two people and left others injured had a pretty good safety record over the previous two years with no sign of widespread issues, according to a review of federal safety data by Kane In Your Corner.
The bus involved in the crash was operated by Megabus, which is a large company with a bunch of subsidiaries.
The subsidiary that covers this part of the country is Megabus Northeast, LLC -- and its safety record is pretty good.
Megabus Northeast has 88 buses and 120 drivers. Data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers two ways to judge a bus company's safety records – inspections and accident history.
There have been 42 inspections in the past two years, and only two buses were taken out of service - a failure rate of just 4.2%. To put it into better perspective, the national average is a failure rate of 21%.
In the past two years, the company had no previous fatal accidents and only two previous accidents with injury,