Curran calls for extended hours at Nassau County early voting locations

With Election Day nearing, the demand for early voting has been overwhelming across the nation and on Long Island, leading Nassau County Executive Laura Curran to call for an extension.
Voters in Nassau and Suffolk counties have waited for hours on long lines outside polling places in the leadup to Nov. 3.
Curran sent a letter to the Republican and Democratic commissioners at the county Board of Elections asking them to extend the hours at the early voting locations.
In remarks Thursday morning, Curran pointed to the enthusiasm early voting has sparked, as this is the first year it's been implemented in a presidential election.
“I want to make sure we are giving everyone every opportunity to let their voice be heard," she said.
Republican Board of Elections Commissioner Joseph Kearney says he’s not in favor of extending early voting hours, telling News 12 in a statement that there is ample opportunity for voters to cast their votes by absentee ballots or in person.

The Nassau County Board of Elections has accommodated safe and socially distanced early voting at 15 locations throughout the County.  Additionally, absentee voting has provided voters with another viable and safe option for casting ballots. 

Finally, Election Day voting at over 353 sites across our County completes a comprehensive array of options for voters. Nassau’s early voting hours are among the most extensive of any area throughout the state.  

The hours of early voting were established on a bipartisan basis many months ago, and those hours have been widely published.  Any alteration of hours would cause confusion and add stress for the employees who are working long hours at early voting locations.  

There is ample opportunity for voters to cast their ballots with early voting, absentee ballots and Election Day voting options.  

Full statement:  Republican Board of Elections Commissioner Joseph Kearney
The Democratic Board of Elections commissioner has not returned News 12’s calls for comment.
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone says he is requesting extended hours at early voting locations in Suffolk as well.