Crews busy filling potholes as part of Camden mayor's plan to improve city streets

Road crews were busy Wednesday filling in potholes in Camden as part of the mayor's initiative to improve city streets following a winter that wreaked havoc on area roadways.
"Salt don't help," says Keith Walker, director of Camden Public Works. "Because asphalt as we know is a petroleum mechanism and the salt sucks the petroleum out of the asphalt, which drives it up and makes it that much more brittle, which causes the potholes."
Officials say workers filled more than 2,500 potholes with plans to fill many more in the spring and summer months.
"I say we can get upwards to the numbers that we had last year 5,800 to 7,000," says Walker.
County officials have set up a hotline for residents to call and report potholes on county roads. Residents can call 856-566-2980 to report a pothole.
"They can call the hotline number and the dispatcher will call the truck and whoever is in that area they will go and fill that hole, and sometimes it happens within hours," Al Dyer, commissioner of Camden County.