Crews begin work on beach replenishment project

Some residents in Ocean County are hoping renters and vacationers make the most out of their time at the shore, in areas where construction crews have taken over the beaches. 
As residents move into the second half of summer, the beach replenishment project has begun in Ortley Beach. 
The south end of the boardwalk is currently a vantage point of the ongoing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dune and beach work.
Crews on the project work around the clock, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, only stopping when ocean conditions become rough.
Last week’s rough surf chewed away at the beach in Ortley, leaving about a six-foot drop-off before the tidal flats. That erosion is why locals say this project is so needed.
There have also been some complaints, and locals say they can sympathize with renters who may have to walk a quarter mile to an open beach.
Crews say they only close off 1,000 feet of beach at a time. One resident says renters and vacationers must be patient.
"So it's extremely important every year since I've been here, the water would trickle down the street because these aren't dunes here so the water just trickle down and when you're an owner it's pretty upsetting," says Larry Arbore, of Ortley Beach.
One longtime resident of 62 years says while the extra beach is nice, the timing is just awful.
"It has been done at the wrong time, it's really hurting people that come down here," says John Armaniaco. "Why do this in July, it's about the worst but I understand there are schedules and things like that"
Work will continue on the project at two source points, one in Ortley Beach and another in Brick Township, as the crews set up shop in different towns moving right into the winter.