COVID-19 survivor returns to work for 1st time since spending more than 100 days hospitalized

A 21-year-old man is returning to work today after spending more than 140 days in the hospital battling the coronavirus.
Colby Douglas, of Pequannock, was released from the hospital in mid-August. He was greeted with people lined up at the Newark Pompton Turnpike with signs and balloons.
There were times during his fight with coronavirus when he couldn't speak and was in a state of distress.
Douglas, who works at the Sunset Pub and Grill in Lincoln Park, also has Down syndrome.
His coworkers at the restaurant, where he has been working for three years, say that he's an incredible person.
"He's a miracle," says owner Bob Egan. "He's a miracle and he is going to get what he deserves today."
Douglas will be surprised with a limo ride to his shift followed by a parade of local police and firefighters.