Corzine vows to halt NYC's congestion pricing plan

Gov. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.) is threatening legal action in relation to New York City's congestion pricing plan.The congestion pricing proposal calls for commuters who drive into the city below 60th Street during certain hours of the day to pay an extra $8. Truck drivers would pay an extra $21. The plan does have a provision for E-ZPass users where they would not pay the added fee. The proposal also calls for the Port Authority to give the Metropolitan Transportation Authority $1 billion of its toll revenue over the next five years.The governor says the plan is unfair to New Jersey residents and that he will go to court to do whatever he can to prevent it. New York City's mayor has said if the city doesn't get the money from the Port Authority, New Jersey drivers would have to be charged $3 more. Supporters of the congestion pricing plan say it will ease traffic, help the environment and raise money for mass transit. Critics contend it penalizes those who have no choice but to drive into the city for work.