Controversy in Sayreville over a school board's plan to replace ball fields with a bus hub

The Sayreville school district is at odds with local residents over replacing local ball fields with a new bus hub.
The fields in question are not just fields. They are a tribute to honor Private First Class Wayne Grant.
Grant was a Vietnam hero who came from Sayreville.
Buses are a problem in Sayreville. They make noise, cause traffic and pollution. The school board wants to buy more buses to rely less on private companies. It says these businesses price gouge, and struggle with staffing. Hundreds of students have been late this year because of it.
Residents are making their voices heard that they want to protect the fields and convince the school district to find another location for the buses.
A couple years ago the school district and the town picked another spot for the buses but meetings were canceled because of the pandemic. Talks have stalled and residents point to a rift between the schools and town.
Sayreville Schools' Superintendent Richard Labbe says, "We want to find a better location."
Sayreville School Board member John Walsh lives in this neighborhood and says the board will do whatever it takes to work with the town. The board says they never intended to remove the memorial.
Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly attributed a quote to Superintendent Labbe.