Consumer Alert: Ford SUV owners complain of carbon monoxide issues

Could your car be making you sick? Hundreds of Ford Explorer owners have complained that carbon monoxide fumes have given them headaches, or made them dizzy or nauseous. Ford insists the problem is now fixed.
Kimberly Graham usually drives her 2015 Ford Explorer with the windows open, because of the fumes that she says leak into the cabin. The problem is not just a bad smell -- she says a carbon monoxide detector showed that levels were dangerously high.
"I got really sick and it was really scary. And my son is only 3, so that’s even scarier," says Graham. "If I was affected that badly -- if he stays in the car as long as that, what’s going to happen to him?"
Since 2017, Ford has offered free repairs for customers who complain, but despite repeated service calls, Graham says the fumes never went away.
And she's not alone. Hundreds of Explorer owners have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
One complaint says, "I fell sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning and hit three others cars, causing me to total my vehicle." Others say that occupants become dizzy, got headaches or that carbon monoxide detectors have shown unsafe levels.
Attorney Jacqui Herritt represents Graham and several other Ford Explorer owners. Her advice: document repair attempts, and if the problem doesn't stop, talk to a lawyer.
"If the problem started under warranty, even if they might be out of warranty at this point, they still have rights," says Herritt.
News 12 reached out to Ford and a spokesman sent a statement assuring that Explorers are safe.
"Owner complaints to Ford and NHTSA have decreased dramatically since we announced our complimentary service for exhaust odor last fall as it effectively resolves the matter," it says.
Ford says explorer owners who have concerns should contact their dealer for an inspection.