Construction project to close Garden State Parkway ramps in Monmouth County. Here’s how to get around it

Big changes on the Garden State Parkway will affect drivers heading south at a major Jersey Shore points interchange in Long Branch.
Closures went into effect overnight, and will stay in effect until next year. If you drive coming from the north in the express lanes and you want to exit on the Route 36 East, you won't be able to do so from now until January.  
A $17 million project is now underway to replace parts of five ramps at the interchange, forcing the closure of the express exit to Route 36 East. This will not affect people trying to get on 36 East from the local side.  
It’s a busy interchange without factoring in shore traffic, Monmouth Park traffic and Monmouth University traffic.
If you are entering the parkway northbound from 105, you will be forced on to the local lanes. The express ramp is also closed. 
If you are stuck on the express lanes, you will have to go south to exit 102 and follow the signed detour on Asbury Avenue, Shafto Road and Hope Road to get back to Route 36. 
These are the first three ramps out of five scheduled to have their decks, beams and parapets replaced. 
If you want to exit at 105 heading toward Long Branch on the beach, you can't. Stay on the local side.