Cloudy conditions to last through the week; temp cooldown upcoming

Cloudy skies and drizzling rains are expected to continue into Saturday as temperatures also begin to cool for the upcoming week.
News 12 New Jersey Meteorologist Dave Curren says that Hurricane Epsilon is partly to blame for some of the dreary weather, causing a marine layer and dense clouds to form around the state.
The hurricane is also causing the ocean at the Jersey Shore to churn, causing larger swells. But Curren says that New Jersey will not see any damaging effects from the storm.
Saturday will see mostly cloudy skies and temperatures around 69 degrees. Curren says that the skies should clear by the overnight hours, leading to better weather for Sunday.
Sunday will see mostly sunny skies, but temperatures will drop slightly to the 50s.
Clouds and rain are expected to return on Monday and temperatures will remain in the low-60s and mid- to upper-50s.