Storms to linger overnight before less humid Monday

Clear skies expected through the week; frosty weather possible Thursday

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist James Gregorio says temperatures could reach 80 degrees on Tuesday, but a cool dip is on the horizon.

News 12 Staff

May 16, 2023, 10:07 AM

Updated 404 days ago


New Jersey is expected to see clear skies and plenty of sunshine for the next few days.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Dave Curren says that the clear and breezy weather is causing allergy problems for some New Jerseyans.
OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy skies with temperatures dipping into the mid-50s.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny skies with some clouds. Daytime highs around 68 degrees. Overnight lows around 53.
THURSDAY: Cooler temperatures expected, with the possibility of temperatures dipping below freezing Wednesday overnight into Thursday. Mostly sunny skies with daytime highs in the low- to mid-60s. Overnight lows around 44.
FRIDAY: Mix of sun and clouds. Daytime highs around 71 degrees. Overnight lows around 51.
SATURDAY: ON and off rain showers expected. Daytime highs around 73. Overnight lows around 58.
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy. Daytime highs around 79. Overnight lows around 58.
COMING UP: Upcoming week looks to be mostly sunny with temperatures in the 70s.

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