Christmas Eve murder draws Guardian Angels' help

Police are still looking for clues in the murder of a husband and father killed in broad daylight on Christmas Eve, and advocates from the Guardian Angels watchdog group are lending a hand.
Police are investigating several theories for the murder of 35-year-old Cesar Torralba, including gang violence and robberies. Torralba was shot on his doorstep the afternoon before Christmas, and family members watched him die.
Guardian Angels are helping authorities by placing postings around the city asking for help and making door-to-door stops to encourage any witnesses to come forward. "It's a problem we've seen in Plainfield, Newark and now Asbury Park, where you have Hispanics being targeted by gang bangers," says Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa.
Sliwa believes people with information in cases like Torralba's are scared to cooperate with police, citing the policy of "snitches get stitches and end up in ditches."
Asbury Park police are asking anyone with information to call their tip hotline at 800-799-8280.
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