Chris Christie says he would support 'fair' deal to bring home US hostages held by Hamas

As U.S. officials work to secure a deal to bring home Israeli and American hostages being held by Hamas, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he would support a fair deal to do so.
While speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Christie said he believes it's time for the Israeli government and the United States government to work out a fair deal to bring some of the hostages home.
"The torture these families are going through is extraordinary," he said.
Christie visited Israel a week ago, making him the first Republican presidential candidate to visit the country since the Hamas attack on Oct. 7.
According to reports, Israel and Hamas agreed to a deal that would free dozens of women and children held hostage. Those hostages will be released in exchange for a five day pause in fighting.
The release could begin over the next several days.