Celebrities have come out to show support for political candidates. But does it make a difference?

The 2020 election has brought voters, activists and some celebrities from New Jersey out to support their candidates and causes.
Jon Bon Jovi brought his voice to the campaign trail for Joe Biden, performing a three-song acoustic set at a drive-in rally with the former vice president last month in Pennsylvania. Bon Jovi, a New Jersey native, is a longtime supporter of Democratic candidates.
And he is not the only one. Bruce Springsteen – another New Jersey native – has been vocal this election cycle and recorded a Biden campaign ad. Like Bon Jovi, Springsteen has also been an ardent advocate for Democratic candidates.
And comedian Chelsea Handler – a Livingston native - has often taken to social media to promote her political activism. But do these celebrity endorsements make a difference in an election? Political analyst Ashely Koning of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University says that she has doubts.
A lot of this is preaching to the choir, that celebrities are coming out providing endorsements. It’s becoming increasingly common among celebrities, but we really don’t know how much impact it necessarily has,” she says. “It may help with getting out the vote, It may help with mobilization.”
Artists in Jersey City have galvanized over the ballot and are hoping that voters approve a referendum for an arts and culture trust fund. Money from the municipal fund would be allocated to the visual and performing arts within the city. But it is unclear if residents are willing to vote to increase their own property taxes to pay for it.