CDC encourages holiday travel for Americans who are vaccinated

Holiday travel season is fast approaching and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people should spend time with their families as long as everyone is vaccinated.
Robert Schneider, deputy commissioner of aviation for the town of Islip, says it's encouraging especially now that the delta variant is starting to subside a bit.
Schneider says the number of travelers has been going up significantly at MacArthur Airport. He says they expect a surge for the upcoming holiday season.
"People should feel comfortable traveling," says Schneider. "Airlines, airports, everybody has worked together to ensure that the traveling public is safe when they're flying."
MacArthur Airport now has an air purification system that runs all day. There are touchless systems throughout the terminals and other germ-killing devices to keep surfaces like door handles clean.
The O'Rourke family says they finally feel comfortable traveling again since they are vaccinated.
"In November we're going to Disney and to visit family," says Elizabeth O'Rourke, of Deer Park. "And in December we're going to Pennsylvania and New Jersey."
Airport officials say by 2022 they expect pre-pandemic traveler numbers to return.