Capri Institute faces lawsuits after abruptly closing; students left in limbo

The fallout continues regarding a situation surrounding a cosmetology school that abruptly closed last week.

News 12 Staff

Dec 10, 2021, 3:19 AM

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The fallout continues regarding a situation surrounding a cosmetology school that abruptly closed last week.
News 12 New Jersey has learned that there have been a dozen consumer complaints against Capri Institute – a cosmetology school that has four campuses in New Jersey. At least one former student is in a legal battle with the school and plans to pursue further legal action.
“I want a full refund now of everything because I feel like the conditions I had to work under - not having my kit, not being able to learn efficiently – I just feel that I need to get a full refund,” says former Capri student Derek Alfano.
Alfano is one of hundreds of students who were caught off guard after the school closed without warning last Wednesday.
Alfano started his 10-month program at the school’s Kenilworth location in August on the recommendation of former students. He paid the $14,000 tuition in full and says that he quickly regretted it.
“When I got here and I didn’t get my kit, I saw the condition of the school was really, really dirty. The floors were never swept, the bathrooms were dirty. I was like, ‘This is not good.’ But I had paid and there was no backing out,” he says.
Alfano says that he knew that the school was having financial trouble when it took two months after his start date to issue him his cosmetology kit. This is what he is suing for. Just before news of the school’s closing went public, Alfano sued the school for $2,500 for the supplies he got too late.
“I had to borrow former students’ mannequins that were left from years prior to that – old mannequin heads. Also, I bought my own combs and brushes to the school and basically just whatever was lying around,” Alfano says.
Another clue that the school was having financial issues was a real estate flyer showing that the Paramus location was available for lease.
Alfano says that the students are in limbo about their future. He says that he has a court date on Tuesday for the pending lawsuit. He also plans to sue the school for the $14,000 he paid for tuition.
Other students tell News 12 that they need access to their transcripts so that they can possibly move forward with another school. Capri Institute has not yet released those transcripts.

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