Can you get out in time? Test your escape room skills at New Rochelle's "Hour to Exit"

Test your escape room skills on this week’s Road Trip Close to Home, which is spotlighting Black-owned businesses that are filled with family friendly fun. 
Grab those thinking caps, and sharpen your sleuthing skills, because once the door closes at “HOUR TO EXIT”— it’s a race against the clock!  "Escape rooms are real-life video games where you and your team are ‘locked’ inside an escape room where you're trying to solve puzzles, unlock locks, in order to advance and exit the game in one hour or less," says Brittany Coleman, co-owner of Hour to Exit.
There are two games that your party of up to 10 people can try and solve.
One of them is called "Evade The Illusionist," and it is set up like the backstage dressing of a magic show.
The other is “Dorm Rules,” set up like your typical college room.
Each game is uniquely created with its own goal.
Then, it’s your team against time to find all that’s hidden in plain sight.  "They love the mystery, they love to see the unique puzzles, it's not something you get to do every day," says Coleman.
The thing to remember is you only have an hour to exit, so don’t waste any time because the clues are everywhere! "When we create anything, we make sure that everyone has a great time and everyone is able to fully participate in the game," explains Coleman.
And what happens when you do, or don’t, escape within the hour? We’ll leave that for YOU to find out!
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