Camp counselors suspended for making campers sit on hot pavement as punishment

Camp counselors at an Ocean County youth center have been suspended after they allegedly made campers sit on hot pavement as a punishment.
A mother posted photos on Facebook showing what appears to be burns on her child’s hands. She wrote that it was part of a punishment at the youth services center for the entire class "messing up the art room."
The children were apparently forced to sit on the blacktop in the heat while the counselors played basketball. If the children complained, they were apparently told that it would be 10 more minutes of sitting on the hot pavement.
The mother says that her son developed second-degree burns on his hands and buttocks from the pavement.
Toms River officials say that three counselors have been suspended indefinitely and that an investigation is underway by the Division of Child Protection and Permanency of Ocean County.
A spokesperson for Toms River says in a statement, “This isolated and unfortunate incident, however, should in no way deter participation in Toms River's exceptional youth programs. Providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all children involved is the Township's highest priority."
A spokesperson for the Ocean County prosecutor says that the case will remain in the Division of Child Protection because they say there was not any criminal intent to cause harm.
The mother’s Facebook post about the incident has been shared hundreds of times.