Camden County officials remove term ‘freeholder’ from county government

The Camden County Freeholder Board has officially become the Camden County Board of County Commissioners.
The change comes to adhere to a state law passed last year to remove the term “freeholder” from local government.
Camden County officials say that the title change does not alter how the board is elected or operates.
“This change is long overdue to reflect the diversity in statewide public officeholders and the desire of all county officials to attract prospective leaders from all walks of life,” said Commissioner Jonathan Young in a statement. “In the coming days and weeks, our residents should prepare to see changes to the board’s imagery and publications, and as well as how we are referred to in local media.”
New Jersey was the only state to use the term, which dates to a time when only white men could own land. The law replaces the term “freeholder” with more inclusive ones.