Café keeps hands clean with 'sanitary door openers'

Long Branch's Turning Point Café may have found the answer for germ-conscious patrons grossed out by bathroom door handles.
The café installed "sanitary door openers," a device allowing people the option to open doors with arms instead of hands.
Owner Kirk Ruoff says the purchase and installation was a no-brainer.
"I think the perception is this is a clean restaurant, they care about my sanitation," says Ruoff.
Patrons have warmed up to the door opener quickly.
"I love the new device because you literally walk into the door, put your arm through it, use your strength and walk right through the door without touching anything," she says. "It's marvelous!"
All Turning Point Cafes in the Garden State have the devices. "Sanitary Door Openers" are made by a Georgian company and cost about $80.