Businesses around New Jersey looking to hire people laid off by virus crisis

Thousands of New Jerseyans suddenly found themselves without jobs last week after the governor imposed firm restrictions meant to limit exposure to the coronavirus.
Bars, restaurants, movie theaters and performance halls were among the establishments forced to close. Gov. Phil Murphy said that there were thousands of requests for unemployment soon after his announcement.
But companies that are able to stay open are now looking to hire additional employees to help in the virus relief effort.
Amazon and UPS are looking to hire people in the shipping, logistics and transportation departments. ShopRite is looking to hire people to work inside its stores and to assist in food delivery.
Amazon also announced that it is paying double overtime for warehouse workers nationwide. The company also announced that it is increasing regular hourly rates for associates from $15 per hour to $17 per hour through the end of April.
A list of available jobs has been posted on New Jersey’s COVID-19 website.